Cafe “Old city”


«CAFE OLD CITY» is located near Plotnikov’s Guesthouse. There is a coffee house, small dining hall and a banquet hall at the premises of our café.
The interior of CAFE OLD CITY complies with the architectural ensemble of the Guset House. It is designed in the style of the “old city” and is completed with the elements of the modern design.
We work since 2010. Along with the classic dishes, there are author’s developments in our menu.
We offer a 15% discount to the Houseguests on every visit to the cafe.
We offer set meals to tour groups as well as we accompany seminars, conferences with the coffee breaks.
According to the Terms & Conditions of the Agency agreement we provide a bonus of 15 % to the organizers of the events.
The staff of “CAFE OLD CITY” will always please you with special promotions and presents. We will advise you how you can organize your wedding, birthday or anniversary with benefit and taste!
The café is open daily from 10-00.

We are working for your comfort!!!

Special promotions of “CAFE OLD CITY”

Special promotions are valid in certain days, hours, and under different circumstances. Their validity period is mentioned in the menu “CAFE OLD CITY”.




The third drink for free!




If we do not have your favorite drink, bring it with you!




This is a small Friday!
Every Wednesday everything is 20% cheaper
Enjoy it with pleasure!



CERTIFICATE FOR 500 rubles as a GIFT

Make an order for 2000 rubles and get change 500 rubles!




A plate of spicy snacks with a fine wine for only 590 rubles!

The special promotion includes wine: dry red wine “Cabernet” and red semi-sweet “Waltz”


The special promotions are not summarized with other promotions, bonuses and offers. The full version of the Rules of special offers held can be found in the menu of “CAFE OLD CITY”.